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who or what am I


Clue 1 for 5 points :

Clue 2 for 4 points :

Clue 3 for 3 points :

Clue 4 for 2 points :

Clue 5 for 1 points :


Founded on the 22nd June 1675, on commission by King Charles II. The foundation stone was laid on the 10th August. My location was chosen by Sir Christopher Wren.

Building was completed in the summer of 1676 for the cost of £520. I underwent an attempted bombing on 15 February 1894. This was possibly the first "international terrorist" incident in Britain.

In 1957 I was moved, all be it in title, to Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex. Then again in 1990 to Cambridge for eight years, before returning to my original location.

I was often called Flamsteed House, after my first Royal occupant John Flamsteed. I have several time pieces, two of which are located in the Octagon Room and the Grubb refracting telescope, installed in 1893.

I am currently located on a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking the River Thames, and am probably best known as the location of the Prime Meridian. Who or What am I ?


Royal Observatory.

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