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who or what am I


Clue 1 for 5 points :

Clue 2 for 4 points :

Clue 3 for 3 points :

Clue 4 for 2 points :

Clue 5 for 1 points :


I am a single institution, one of many founded in the year 886 during the reign of Alfred the Great.

I am a Government owned company. I employ over 900 staff, serving the United Kingdom and British Overseas Territories.

In 1279 my location moved to the Tower of London, remaining there for 500 years. By the 16th century I had established a monopoly under the watchful eye of Sir Isaac Newton and the Trail of the Pyx.

Following the outbreak of war with France I moved to East Smithfield. My new building was designed by James Johnson and Robert Smirke and opened in 1809.

My current headquarters is in Llantrisant, Wales. Opened in 1968, we currently manufacture and circulate to over 60 countries, producing 15% of the World's coin based currency. Who or What am I ?


The Royal Mint.

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