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who or what am I


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I was born in the West End on March 26th 1931. Son to father Max and my mother Dora, Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine. Dad owned a Barbershop in Boston, and Mum looked after my brother Melvin and I.

I went to Boston college until I was enlisted in the United States Army Reserve in 1953 for two years, where I became a Sergeant. On leaving the Army I studied music with the view to becoming professional accordion player, but it was my uncle who persuaded my to take up acting.

I appeared in more than 50 small parts in 'B' movies and appeared in television shows such as Perry Mason and Dragnet. I also starred in Zombies of the Stratosphere and Them ! It was during the 60's I would make my mark in Bonanza, The Virginian, Rawhide and The Outer Limits.

I was a devotee of the Konstantin Stanislavsky Method Acting concepts, which led to my most noted role in 1966, in one of the most famous and successful TV series ever to hit the big screen. More recently you may have heard me as the voice of Sentinel Prime and Galvatron in the Transformer movies.

Prior to my death in 2015, I appeared in over 80 episodes and numerous films, as the emotionless, alien from Vulcan, with pointy ears and best friend to Captain Kirk on Star Trek. Who Am I ?


Leonard Simon Nimoy.

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