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who or what am I


Clue 1 for 5 points :

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Clue 5 for 1 points :


I was born on November 1st 1974, in the suburbs of London, England, to my father George White and my mother Mary. I have a twin sister Mimmy.

I come from a large family, including Grandpa Anthony and Grandma Margaret. My best friend is Daniel Starr, with whom I grew up with. While at school my favourite subjects were English, Art and Music. However, I was ‘adopted’ by singer Mariah Carey on 1997.

Despite rumours of my murder in Hong Kong in 1999, I have a wide and varied career, my own TV series on the Discovery Channel, I have released my own album, even dueted with Avril Lavigne on her self titled 2013 album, as well as being portrayed in several video games. Age 40 my net worth was around $7 billion a year.

I have two pets Charmmy a white Persian and a hamster named Sugar who was a gift from Daniel. I’m not particularly tall, described as just five apples high and three apples in weight. You might even call me odd, as my head accounts for approximately half of my total body mass.

I am depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat, with a cute little red bow. UNICEF awarded me the title of Special Friend of Children. While you probably know me by my commercial name, my real name is Kitty White. Who or What am I ?


Hello Kitty.

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