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who or what am I


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Born in 1946 in the Borough of Queens. The fourth of five children to my Scottish mother Mary Anne and my father Fred who was of Germany decent.

I grew up on the Jamaica Estates, attending The Kew Forest School until I was thirteen, due to behaviour problems. This led me to the local military academy, then on to Fordham University.

I escaped the draft for the Vietnam War due to medical issues. Eventually age 23 I co-produced the broadway show “Paris Is Out”. It flopped, badly,
So I went to work for my Dad's company selling real estate. Within two years I was back in trouble.

Despite several court appearances, organised crime allegations, and bankruptcy four times. I've done pretty well for myself. My company owes several noted properties including A Taj Mahal , a skyscraper on Fifth Avenue, several golf courses and sports franchises.

More recently I've been the Executive Producer on the US version of the Apprentice, I am actively involve with the World Westling Entertainment business. However, in 2017 I am the most powerful man in the world, provided my extreme views didn't stop me becoming President of the USA. Who am I ?


Donald John Trump.

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