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who or what am I


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I was born in 1941 to my Father Nigel and my mother, who I hardly knew as she was killed when I was young. I am one of fraternal twins. I know little of my childhood days, I rarely saw my father as he was always away on business.

However, on leaving school I was to follow in my father’s footsteps and was enrolled at the British Academy in Beverly Hills. I graduated in 1958 top of my class. I found a partner in Marie, and became a part time fashion photographer in the 60’s.

I have to admit I got a bit carried away with the whole hippy thing. Because of my fame and, shall we say, sexual prowess, I became a figurehead of the Mod movement. It was in 1967 that my whole life was put on hold, literally, after an assassination attempt on me failed.

My brother, now a Doctor, tried to kill me at The Electric Psychadelic Pussycat Swinger’s Club, it was also hear that I met my future wife, Vanessa. To bring my brother to justice, I was cryogenically frozen, returning 30 years later. It was Vanessa helped my adapt to life in the 90’s and we married in 1996.

Two years later I found out that she was a robot designed by my Evil twin brother. Following this I kinda lost my Mojo, and had to travel back in time to 1969, to address the situation, and found a new love interest in Felicity Shagwell. After succeeding in sending Dr. Evil to prison in 2002, I was knighted by the Queen. Who Am I ?


Sir Austin ‘Danger’ Powers.

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