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who or what am I


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I was born in May of 1988, to my father Marc and my mother Penny. My father left when I was young so I took my mothers surname.

Mum and lived in London before relocating to Brighton when I was nine, as she had found a job as a furniture maker on the south coast. Only to return to London two years later.

I schooled in West Norwood before graduating from the BRIT School for performing arts and Technology, with the view to going into the A&R business (Artist & Repertoire). I first worked for Platforms Magazine with whom I published several pieces.

However, I guess it was with the encouragement of my former class mates Leona Lewis and Jessie J that I dabbled in the music business. A post on Myspace earned me a recording contract at XL Records, and in 2007, released my debut single “Hometown Glory”.

My first album was released a year later, I went straight to number one in the album chart. Many accolades roles in that year A Brit Award, The Mercury Prize, and a Q Award. I toured later that year showcasing the album 19. The next album ’21’ release in 2011, the same year I married Simon Konecki. Then the highest accolade a Bond theme tune ‘Skyfall’. Who Am I ?


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.

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