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who or what am I


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I was built in 1829 at the Forth Street Works in Newcastle, as a combination of the Killingworth Blucher and the Lancashire Witch.

Originally I was built to take part in the Rainhill Trials, but my successful and innovative designs became the template for my successors over the next 150 years. However my success has not all been without loss, as I was responsible for the death of William Huskisson, the then MP for Liverpool.

After the Rainhill Trials I was put to better use, and saw service between 1830 and 1840, mostly in Liverpool and Manchester. However, in 1836 I was sold for the grand sum of £300 and began life in Brampton, Cumberland.

By 1862 I was retired and donated to the Patent Office Museum, now the Science Museum. I'm still here in London, but in a much modified form, from my original 1829 design.I have been credited as being the first of my kind, although that is not strictly true, as I was the first to bring together several
Innovations to produce the most advanced locomotive of my day.

I was classed as a 0-2-2 configuration, fuelled by coke to produce steam. I was named after my designer and builder Robert Stephenson. One of the most famous vehicles to be built here in the United Kingdom, who or what am I ?


Stephenson's Rocket

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