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who or what am I


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Clue 5 for 1 points :


I am a Democratic Socialist Republic and Island country in South Asia, founded in 1972, although I date back some 300,000 years, when I was originally named Thambapanni, Seredib and Celiao.

I was colonised in 1505 by the Portuguese when explorer Lourenco de Almeida travelled the Indian Ocean. I began exporting tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon. My official languages are Tamil and Sinhala.

The national sport here is volleyball, but I do have a very successful cricket side, who won the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Tourist sites include the Temple of the Sacred Tooth and Uda Walawe National Park.

I have two capital cities Sri Jayawardenepura ( Jaya Warden E Pura ) Kotte as the administrative and Colombo as the commercial.

I gained independence in 1948 and D S Senanayake ( Senna ana Yake ) became the first Prime Minister of Celyon, but it wasn't until 1972 that my name change from Ceylon to...... ?


Sri Lanka.

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