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who or what am I


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I was born to my mother Elaine and my father Ban, in the ward of Berwick, around the years 397 – 400, although the exact date is not known.

As an infant my family and I, were forced to flee our homeland during the invasion of Britain by King Claudas de la Deserte. During our escape my father was injured, and while my mother tended his wounds, I was taken under the wing of Nimue and her sister Nyneve.

From that day on, I never saw my parents again. I know little about my childhood years, other than I was prepared for life in the service of the King's court, by the Lady Nimue. It was she that sent me to serve at the behest of the King's nephew, the son of Lot, the King of Orkney.

Again it was the King's nephew, Sir Gawain, who had me installed as a Knight at the early age of eighteen. It was at this time I 'unfortunately' fell in love with the King's wife ! Seven years later I had a son, by Elaine of Corbenic the daughter of Fisher King, after she tricked my into thinking she was the
King's consort. His name was Galahad

Eighteen years later we would both work side by side for King Arthur, in the Round Tables Quest for the Holy Grail. Ultimately it was my son who drank from the cup of Christ. Following the death of my King and his Queen Guinevere, I to passed away, eithr out of grief for my loss, or at the battle of Camlann. Who am I ?


Sir Lancelot du Lac (baptised as Galahad).

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