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who or what am I


Clue 1 for 5 points :

Clue 2 for 4 points :

Clue 3 for 3 points :

Clue 4 for 2 points :

Clue 5 for 1 points :


I'm as small as an ant, as big as a whale. If you try to take me on, you will obviously fail.

I'll approach like a breeze, but can come like a gale. It depends on the day I might have a tail.

By some I get hit, but all have shown fear. I'll dance to the music, though I can't hear.

Of names I have many, of names I have one. I'm as slow as a snail, but from me you can't run.

Through my riddle you'll see what I am, Cliff Richard and Hank Marvin played in the band. What am I ?


A shadow.

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