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who or what am I


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I was born on April 25th 1599 in Huntingdon to parents Robert and Elizabeth. At the time of my birth, my grandfather was one of the wealthiest land owners in Huntingdonshire.

I left Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge in 1617 without taking a degree, immediately after the death of my father. Between 1628-29 and 1640-42 I became a member of parliament for Huntingdon. At this time I also had my first of nine children, Richard, with my wife Elizabeth Bourchier.

By 1642 I rose to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Manchester Army, and through my political connections, I convinced parliament to establish a professional army. Three years later I became Lieutenant General of the New Model Army.

I defeated the armies of Charles the II at Dunbar, which effectively ended the civil war, and I can also take credit for ending the wars in Portugal and Holland. By 1653 I was installed as the Lord Protector.

In 1658 and aged 59 I died from a bout of Malaria causing septicaemia. I was buried with a great ceremony at Westminster Abbey. However in 1661 I was exhumed and posthumously executed for treason. My body hung in chains at Tyburn and my head displayed outside Westminster Hall. Who am I ?


Oliver Cromwell.

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