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who or what am I


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I was born on June 9th 1961, to my Mother Phyllis a payroll clerk and my Father William a police officer. Due to Dad's work we moved around a lot when I was young, eventually settling in Burnaby, Vancouver.

I am of Irish, English and Scottish decent. And have had a lifelong career in the entertainment industry, which started in 1979 with a role in CBC's television series 'Leo and Me'.

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue bigger and better roles in TV and film. On registering with the Screen Actors Guild I found that my name was already enrolled by the veteran actor who appeared in Perry Mason and Falcon Crest. So I altered it just a bit !

My first film roles were Midnight Madness and Class of 1984, then a seven year stint on NBC's Family ties TV series. During this time I married my wife Tracy Pollan, we're still married. I simply could not survive with out her help with my alcoholism in 1991, brought on through depression over finding
out I had advanced Parkinson's Disease.

But it was 1985 that had the biggest impact on my career with leading roles in 'The Secret of My Success', 'Teen Wolf' and as time traveller Marty McFly in the 'Back To The Future' series. Who am I ?


Michael 'J' Andrew Fox.

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