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who or what am I


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I was born in 1850 on a farm in Moore County USA to my father Calaway and my mother Lucinda, although the actual date is a little fuzzy. Growing up was tough, I was one of 12 children fathered by my Dad. Mum died when I was just seven.

Dad sent me out to work age just 10, for the local Minister Reverend Dan Call,who ran a dried good store in a small Town on the shores of the Louse River. When war became imminent in the state in 1861 the Minister and I continued to run the store as best we could. I even learned who to make my own moonshine on the side to earn a little extra cash.

In 1963 the store closed and my father died. I sold up and bought a small plot of land with what money I had. It even had a limestone cave and a spring, I hire a couple of people to help me set up a business, even though I was only 13, Jasper Newton had arrived.

I rightly anticipated the Federal government would levy a tax on distillery operations and, at the age of 16, became the first to register a distillery operation with the United States government. The company grew and grew and in in the early 1900's we were winning Gold medals at the World's Trade fair for our top Brand.

Although my Jasper Newton was my name everybody knew me as 'Jack'. I may have passed away from gangrene in October of 1911, but my moonshine still survives today as one of the best selling sour mash whiskey's the world over and it's still made in Lynchburg Tennessee ! Who Am I ?


Jasper 'Jack' Newton Daniel.

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