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who or what am I


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Clue 5 for 1 points :


I was born on May 12th 1955. I was raised on a farm by my parents Mona and Abraham. However, my mother went into hiding in the mid sixties, leaving my Dad to raise me.

In 1963 we had to move out of the farm after the bank foreclosed on the property. Later in the 60's my father tried tried to sign me up for the Vietnam war after I became a hippie, but failed due to my age !

At some point in 66, I was traumatised after stumbling on a decomposing corpse with my buddies Lenny, Morris and Carl. This lead to my lifelong devotion to overeating and alcoholism !

While at high school I fell in love with my future wife Margorie. In 1979 we married at a 24 hour wedding chapel called Shotgun Pete's, just before the birth of our first (of three) children, causing me to loose most of my hair !

I've done some pretty zany stuff in my time, like becoming an astronaut, a clown, boxer, hitman, ice cream truck driver to name a few, but I will always be devoted to Marge, and the kids Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Who Am I ?


Homer Jay Simpson.

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