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who or what am I


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I was discovered in 1722 by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, However, my earliest Polynesian settlements date back to A.D.800. I am one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands.

I am made up of three extinct volcanos, Terevaka, Poike and Rano Kau, in the Pacific Ocean. I have approximately 5,800 residents most of whom live in Hanga Roa. I was designated a World Heritage site in 1995.

Originally Roggeveen named me Paasch Eyland however, my actual native name is Te pito o te henua. In 1888 I became a special territory annexed to Chile.

There are currently 887 monolithic stone statues on my shores known as Moai, which date to 1100 AD, each of which were quarried from the mines at Rano Raraku. We have no notable exports but we do have a national football team, and have played host to the Chilean leg of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

The Spanish call me Isla de Pascua, but locally I am called Rapa Nui, part of the Polynesian Triangle. My English name is derived from the date on which I was discovered, the first Sunday in April 1722, the 5th which also happened to be Easter Sunday. What island am I ?


Easter Island.

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