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who or what am I


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I believe I was born in July of 1945, in Orchard Street, London. I was the product of an unhappy marriage. I remember growing up was hard, and much of my early life is a blur, with bits of information from my Grand parents Edward and Violet filling in gaps.

My mother worked at the local picture house. But sadly passed away when I was young, so I tended to fend for myself, as my father was rarely to be seen.

My mother died just four years after giving birth to my half brother in 1960. Dad couldn't cope with bringing up two children and left, so I became the head of the household. Things only got worst as time went on.

When Grandma Violet passed away, her husband Edward became depressed and lost his job as a warehouse security guard. It fell to me to take him under my wing, I was just 25 years of age. Fending for a ten year old boy and a 63 year old warhorse, in a tiny flat in South London.

Grandad died in the early eighties, around about the time that my aunt Ada died, leading to my Uncle Albert moving in with my half brother, Rodney and I. The rest as they say was Cushty and Lovely Jubbly. Who Am I ?


Derek Edward Trotter.

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