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who or what am I


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I was born on 17th July 1952 in Baltimore Maryland USA. My mother was Dolores Therese was of Irish decent, and my father Joseph Vincent was a business executive of German extraction. At school my nickname was Hooves, I was a member of speech team, senior discussion leaders, president of the choir, captain of the volleyball team and held roles in several plays.

In the I graduated from Oakland University and attended the California Institute of Arts. My first major acting role came in 1975 where I played the part of Dr. William “Snapper” Foster Jnr, in 'The Young and the Restless' for seven years. Then in 79 as Simon in the film 'Starcrash'.

In 1982 I made a TV pilot called 'Knight of the Pheonix', little did I know then, that it would launch me into superstardom. From 82 to 86 that pilot launched a sci fi tv series phenomenon. During that time I married my first wife Catherine Hickland, it was a torrrid five year marriage, we divorced and I remarried. This time to Pamela Bach. We had two children Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber.

I'd finished driving for Knight Industries in 86 and went on to hit the beach for my next project. My wife joined me on the beaches of Los Angeles for this long 'running' tv series, and it was at this time I recorded my first single 'Jump In My Car' which was a huge success in Germany. By now people began to notice I have a bit of an alcohol problem !

I have launched my own internet social networking site, had my own reality TV series, and the film is "Sharknado 3 'Oh Hell No'" was out in 2015. But I'm sure you'll know me better as 'The Hoff' and for those TV series 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch'. Who Am I ?


David Michael Hasselhoff.

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