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who or what am I


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I was born on the 10th May 1968, in Stewkley, Buckinghamshire. My birth name was Alistair James Hay.

I have been married twice, first to Katherine Perry then Amber Hargreaves. I have two daughters, Scarlett and Willow. I'm often seen on TV in comedies, reality shows and presenting on the Discovery Channel.

On January 14th of this year stood for the seat of South Thanet running against UKIP leader Nigel Farage, with my own party The Free United Kingdom Party.

In 2007 I was voted 16th greatest stand up comic, on channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand Ups. I guess this was mainly down to my mock xenophobic but stereotypical right wing British patriot.

I am best known for my role of the Pub Landlord ?


Al Murray.

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